About Us

Our Story

My parents have been florists for over 40 years. My siblings and I were practically born in the flower shop. By 8 years old I would stand on a 5 gallon bucket and run the cash register, take phone orders and attend to walk in customers. We never celebrated Valentine's Day or vacationed on Memorial Day as were too busy arranging and selling flowers. Being part of a small family business was the only life I knew. Today, all of my eight siblings have their own non-flower businesses. Mom and dad still have the flower shop and I finally convinced them to help us ship flowers to our customer's doorstep. For them and for me, this is a dream come true. I've officially come full circle back to my flower roots. -Hannah

Meet the Florists

Chad and Cherie Wright have been florists for over 40 years. Chad is the artist and green thumb. Besides designing and arranging flowers he runs a robust greenhouse and a bustling personal garden and orchard. Cherie runs sales and the office and Chad's right arm and leg. Chad is a cancer leg amputee but going strong. You can rarely find one without the other. They are inseparable! They are the proud parents of the 9 children and 52 grandchildren.

The Flowers

The majority of cut flowers in the United States come from either Colombia or Ecuador. What most people don't realize is that the importation of flowers from these countries is part of the Unitied States' war on drugs. To incentivize South American farmers to trade out coca leaves (the main ingredient in cocaine) for flowers, the United States Congress passed the Andean Trade Promotion and Drug Eradication Act in 1991. The Act reduced or eliminated tariffs on flowers imported from coca leaf-producing countries in South America. The initiative worked. Today, an ever-growing number of flower farmers are trading drug crops for flowers. What makes growing flowers in this region so unique is its high elevation (over 9,000 ft above sea level), its proximity to the equator and clay-rich soils. The results are awe-inspiring. We are proud to provide you with gorgeous flowers straight from the farm of our hardworking friends in the world-famous Cotopaxi region of Ecuador. They will last much much longer than flowers you are accustomed to, as they are cut at the farm and in 3 days arrive at your doorstep.